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Spanish in Europe

Demography of the speakers of a language


The interdisciplinary research project Spanish in Europe analyses the Spanish language in the old continent. It aims to provide a quantitative and qualitative description of the linguistic and cultural geography of Spanish and its speakers with a specific focus on the dynamics of migration, demography and education. The demolinguistic methods developed for this purpose enable us to understand the process of internationalisation of the Spanish language and is simultaneously useful as an empirical basis for language and culture planning.


Bleortu, C. et al. (2024): “Demolingüística del español en Rumanía, Bulgaria y Moldavia”, Madrid: Instituto Cervantes.

Direction: Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (Heidelberg University) and the University of Zurich

Presentación del libro “Demolingüística del español en Rumanía, Bulgaria y Moldavia”

In collaboration with Instituto Cervantes

Published volumes

Demolingüística del español en Rumanía, Bulgaria y Moldavia (2024)

Demolingüística del español en Italia. Con un anexo sobre el español en San Marino, Malta y Ciudad del Vaticano (en prensa)

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